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Back from an extended holiday. Still working on the ultimate Zeta function video, but to get things rolling again here is a video on the math of casino games. The video is based on talks by my friend and colleague Marty Ross who who knows a lot about beating the casinos at their own game. I do a bit of an interview with Marty at the end in this video but just in case you are interested in seeing him in some real Marty action check out the links in the description :)
Comment from : Mathologer

Paul A.
I thought it was a well known fact that blackjack is the only game in Vegas where the odds are actually in favor of the player IF the player uses an optimum strategy. The casinos are well aware of this. They do not change the odds, as they could, because the average player would lose too much if they did and no one would play. So they keep the possibility of the player being good enough to actually win. People have devised methods of winning at blackjack: it is called card counting. But then, if any player actually does play that well, they say he/she is cheating and they ban him or her. His/her photo is passed around to all the other casinos and he/she just can't play.

On the other hand, if you want to know the worst odds in Vegas, look to Keno. The house rakes it in. And the best odds for the player in Keno is with the simplest bet. The complicated ways of marking those cards almost always have worse odds. But the suckers play Keno all day long.

Comment from : Paul A.

Matt Pamuku
Robbing a bank has better odds..... the risks are higher: you can go to jail or get shot. Even if you succeed, spending will be tricky without raising suspicion by the banks, and these days it is impossible to launder cash.
Comment from : Matt Pamuku

DC Valdez
The name of the game is. BACCARAT and the betting strategy is 1-3-2-4. very well know on
the gambling world ... Cheers. DC.

Comment from : DC Valdez

Shivas Irons
1;:14. Whatever i bet on the opposit is guarenteed to come up! I play roulette everyday, ivusually make 200 bucks, not a fortune but about $25 an hour for 40 hour a week job, it takes about 2 hours a day, now the table limit can kill you and any number or color or combination can come up any damm time it pkeases, thats not nessacarily the point the point is how GOOD you feel playing a certain bet, for example lets say it falls on red 18 times in a row, we know sooner or later ut has to fall on black right? WRON G! It can fall on red for eternity , but after 19. 20. 21. 22. In a row. How GOOD would u feel about black coming up within the next 5 spins? Id feel pretty good and id make that bet heres what i do on american roulette with two green zeros, i place a bet on both zeros and two out of three ofvthe rows, or collums, not sure what theyre called but i have covered 26 out of 38 slots, thats 68%. Depends on how much you want to win, as to how you bet , if the limit is 300 you can put 20$ on the zeros and 140$ on two out of three rows, if you win , you win 420$ u risk 300$ to win 120$ its risky but doable, roulette works like this, u can risk a little to win alot or u can risk alot to win almost alot, .
Comment from : Shivas Irons

Tom Voke
There was a book written by conman Stewart Lyle called "Casino Gambling for the Winner". Oxymoronic. Note that while you can beat a one deck shoe, those don't exist anymore and you can't count a 6 to 8 deck shoe when they only play half the shoe. The casinos aren't in the business of allowing you to win fairly.
Comment from : Tom Voke

I've never really understood how "counting cards" could be considered a cheat. I mean yes, if you can do it, it is a strategy than can lead to you actually getting wins, but the ability to think, reason, count probabilities and having a good memory of past events, is not in my mind cheating. So it should not be legal for casinos to discriminate against those gamblers who have these traits. Otherwise they (casinos) are just legalized cons. It really just seems like a case where the casinos can ban you from playing, if you are actually good at it. I mean of course if you build a device to by pass the mechanism in slots to ensure wins or do something similar, I can agree it is clearly cheating, but having the mental prowess to outwit the game, is not cheating.
Comment from : SimoExMachina2

If E<0 then House Always Wins.
Comment from : SimoExMachina2

If 60 out of 100 spins land on red it doesnt matter whether you believe red or black will come up next. The table does not have a memory. Each spin is unique in that there is exactly the same chance no matter what the previous spins have come up with. So red or black each have just under 50% chance.
Comment from : JibberingWreck

John Doyle
Many card games eg Whist, Bridge etc you need to know what cards have been played and what remain and base your strategy on that knowledge. This is how the good players win, and is totally in the spirit of the game, in fact it is admired and you get respect for your skill.
However in Blackjack, this is still a good strategy, but the casino will stop you, why play a card game when you are not allowed to use skill?

Comment from : John Doyle

Mark Rodriguez
Isn't that cheating? I had learned that from the movie 21.
Comment from : Mark Rodriguez

Alex Vaz
His neck looks a lot lighter then the rest of his head
Comment from : Alex Vaz

Anthony AT
I built a computer based on a V25 chip which could successfully beat roulette. I should write a book. I've also won a lot a BJ but quite correctly, as stated in the video, card-counting is dead. Too many decks and it's obvious to casino staff.
Comment from : Anthony AT

Zhengchong Su
I would pay max 5 for the coupon, cause that's all it's worth(do some math, if u pay 10 for it, u win, u get nothing, u lose, u lose 10, but 5 makes it fair)
Comment from : Zhengchong Su

Robert Brazas
$15an hr.... That is a "small fortune" by your definition?!
Comment from : Robert Brazas

Fernando Lourenço
Hey guys, you can make a fortune playing blackjack using this method! Proceeds to make a living off of youtube...
Comment from : Fernando Lourenço

john shoultz
the wheel being mechanical would offer you an edge because the math woulnt be perfect as the physical wheel wouldnt be pefect, but the casinos randomly swith out the wheels from table to table , making it near impossible to find a consistant "tell".
Comment from : john shoultz

penkata drums
Betting 25$ in the 2/3rds example may increase the chances of doubling our money from 66% to 94%, but it will also take a lot longer to settle... So the actual $/hour may be less or the same. That must also be considered, because that's how professional gamblers think :)
Comment from : penkata drums

Bubba Blackmon
I don't understand why betting on red is any advantage. The past results [60 out of 100 red]
does not change the odds going forward. The odds of red coming up on the next spin are still only 18 out of 37.

Comment from : Bubba Blackmon

Daniel W
For neins? Nein nein nein nein!
Comment from : Daniel W

John Spence
hahahhahahah how to win a fortune card counting? As you nuts. Casinos can spot card counters in 30 minutes or less, I know I did it for years. As soon as you change your bet, they kick you out. The only time they don't care is if its a 6 deck, because the variance of plus 12 doesn't occur frequently enough to be profitable. The only way to win would be to team play, which they also spot instantly. FINALLY your net advantage is about 0.5% to 1%, meaning on your $5000 bet you are winning $50, earned maybe every 1 hour if you are lucky...split between your team. NO FORTUNE THERE.
Comment from : John Spence

Νίκος Χαλιμούρδας
I believe the coupon is worth 4.86$ . Basically let’s say you bet on red or black, then you have a 18/37 chance of winning 10$ and a 19/37 of not winning anything. In any case you give the coupon to the dealer. So 18/37*10= 4.86486...
Comment from : Νίκος Χαλιμούρδας

George Hathcoat
Pay attention and win. Get thrown out
Comment from : George Hathcoat

Will Davis
If you have a 1 in 100 chance of winning something it doesn’t mean that if you take 100 chances you’ll win at least once it means each chance you take you have a 1 in 100 chance of winning.
Comment from : Will Davis

Dale Leisenring
I'm 60 years old been playing chess since age 5. Fairly good at pattern recognition. So I had a chess coach about 15 years ago. He was a professional card counter in single deck blackjack. Many things he told me changed my perspective of what I thought I knew about card counting.
I live in Reno, NV. and Don my chess coach from Santa Rosa, CA. says "That new casino thats opening, the Sienna, go down there and see if they have single deck blackjack and ask the rules." I investigate. Yes they do. So I'm online and getting my weekly chess lesson and the conversation turns to the
casino. I tell him what I learned and he was so excited he was almost spastic.
He tells me about the "We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any
reason or no reason" rule. Once you're discovered as a card counter, they make several still shots from the video surveillance. You're done. You're blacklisted and your photos and video are kept and distributed to all casinos nationwide. He told me of the many charades card counters use to attempt avoidance of identity. Elaborate disguises, walking with a limp, one arm in a sling, acting like a dolt, developing strange mannerisms. The reason my friend was so excited was because he has been blacklisted from playing blackjack at all casinos. He said if you get greedy and make the casino take a hit, they will investigate you. So my friend is really a smart guy with a photographic memory. If you saw him
you would swear he's a dolt with an I Q of 70. Think of doltish characters on The Simpsons or Futurama. Part of his gimmick is acting like one when he goes to the casino. Says it's good to act tipsy a little. Slobber a bit. So the first time he goes to the casino he plays
blackjack for 36 hours nonstop. Walks with a few Gs. Next week same thing. Week after that 7Gs. Comes again the next week and as he's heading to the blackjack table the security goons swoop on him and "Lets have a talk in our office, Mr. Don" They take him to the office, throw down his file, and tell him he's eighty sixxed from the blackjack table for life. He's welcome to come in but no blackjack. If he tries again, permanent ban in the whole casino. So he made somewhere between 17,000 - 20,000. So the last day he was card counting he looked like a zombie for playing for so many hours nonstop. He thanked me for helping him and said " I've got a bunch of comps (like a G or 2) get what ever you want to eat. So we go to to the restaurant and I ask if I can order some pizza to go. He says "Look, I will never use these comps. Go get 15 pizzas, 10 pastrami sandwichs, steaks, seafood what ever!" So I just got about $200 worth of food for free! As we walk to the
door he says "Checkmate Muthafμ©ker s".

Comment from : Dale Leisenring

How the hell did Trump bankrupt a casino?
Comment from : Raykibb

Der Gauner
a little late for this vid, but just was in my recommendations ^^

martingale doesnt work in casinos (real or online) just because the table limits ... even with a very generous range from lets say min bet 1$, max bet 1000$, you only can double up 9 times (then you hit 512 and are not allowed to double up any more since you would have to bet 1024$ on a 1000$ max bet table) and its not that uncommon to have 9 or more times red/black in a row (i think the odds of 9 black or red in a row are ~1 in 700)
the risk of loosing sometimes hundreds of dollars is way to high for the frequent 1$ win

Comment from : Der Gauner

All these schemes, tricks and strategies and yet the casinos are still raking in billions and getting bigger and richer. One should go to Vegas and take a look around and realize that casinos cannot be beaten.
Comment from : Banhmiso1

I paused the video when you explained the martingale and did some calculations and to my suprise the martingale actually has a worse expected value than simply repeatedly betting $1. Also kind of interesting is that it has a negative expected value even if you have infinite money to bet with, since the amount of money lost after n bets grows faster than the multiplicative inverse of the probability of losing does.
Comment from : DutchM

Tony Rican Photography
If the casino is giving everyone a coupon then get a group of 37 players together and bet on each number of the roulette wheel. Then the payout each will receive will be equal to the coupon amount * payout / #of coupons. So hopefully, ($10*36) / 37 = $9.73... I suppose that is about the best one could expect to do.
Comment from : Tony Rican Photography

Jim Fortune
How to win at Black Jack: Buy a casino.
Comment from : Jim Fortune

no name
And the Martingale strategy doesn't work even if you have infinite amounts of money. Table games have limits. Let's say you have a $1 blackjack game and the table limit is $300. That means if you lose 9 times in a row, you cannot double your wager again. I was a casino dealer for many years and I've beaten customers way more than 9 hands in a row.
Comment from : no name

no name
In America, you're not going to find a roulette wheel with only 1 green on it. So the odds are really: -2/19
Comment from : no name

Paul Moore
martingale also fails if you reach the table limit of how much you can bet
Comment from : Paul Moore

American made
The House always wins. Case Closed.
Comment from : American made

Greg Nixon
Casinos have continuously shuffling shoes. Counting cards no longer works. Cards are continually randomized.
Comment from : Greg Nixon

Greg Nixon
The Blackjack portion of the Blackjack video begins at 12:50.
Comment from : Greg Nixon

God math is soooo boring!
Comment from : jerro19711971

Walter Will
Nowadays, Casinos use a Rolodex type of shuffling machine. This shuffler accepts the previous hands' cards and shuffles them, meaning that there will always be close to a complete complement of cards (many cards left) which greatly reduces the advantage of counting. The only way to consistently win in a casino is to cheat or play poker.
Comment from : Walter Will

M R Eyes
In other words; believe you already won and there you go!!
Comment from : M R Eyes

Navy Hole Snipe
Interesting, none the less. But the math calculations is only a fraction of the equation. There are other variables that come to play, that your equation does not account for. You first need to do an extensive research how the game is dealt. Don't be a Dr. Hammond from Jurassic park! Just looking at roulette, a lot depends on the dealer. Does the dealer start spinning the ball at random spots, or does the dealer spin the ball at set points? Using the same sized ball? Or switching the ball? Varying the strength of the ball spin? Changing the speed of the wheel? There are a ton of other variables. In your example, "out of a hundred spins, the chances of 13 coming up?" Thats cute, was it the same dealer? Has the dealer been constant in all aspects of spinning the ball? Always makes me laugh when someone comes into a casino and they think they have the winning strategy. 5-10 minutes later, they are shaking their head trying to figure out what happened....
Comment from : Navy Hole Snipe

The coupon has intrinsic value to the player who wants to use it.
Comment from : setsunasamachan

fred kelly
I hate gambling especially when to win you have to find mathematical cheats. To beat evil you have to be evil, still a net loss.
Comment from : fred kelly

TL:DR; Gaming is for fun. Expect to be impressed because this isn't your home town. Also expect to lose every dime. Our odds are enforced by state law, so any way to mess with those odds may be prosecuted.

For those that actually want to know:
Go to a casino in Las Vegas. Make a bet, lose it, and take it back. Watch yourself get arrested. Lots of videos are made of supposition. Don't take them as fact.

I'm a MGR in a Las Vegas casino. I will prevent your bad day: Dealers and Pit Bosses are trained to find card counters and anyone with "a system." You will be asked to leave, and you WILL leave on by feet or in cuffs. Also, in some casino's you are flat-bet restricted. Keep making tricks, and casino's will keep making rules to rain on your parade.

You can't even use a cell phone at a table game because people used electronics to win at one time. Everything you see in a youtube video is either already not allowed, or will be by the time you get to a table. Casino's are private property, governed by the Gaming Commission that can also arrest and prosecute.

Here's the REAL MATH: You win at the casino, the casino has a loss (less taxes,) and the Nevada Gaming Commission exists to ensure that casino's pay taxes. If you intend to be an "advantage player" expect to be thrown out of casino's or arrested, depending on method.

Also, 1 million dollars in $100 bills weighs about 20 pounds. 10,000 bills of any denom weighs about 20LBS. 150 million is 150x20 = 3000 LBS. I'd like to see Ocean's 11 carry that in just a couple duffel bags.

Comment from : leathernluv

Ray Gordon Teaches Chess
Card-Counting no longer works.  They use eight-deck shoes.
Comment from : Ray Gordon Teaches Chess

Russell Speak
Short games using the Martingale system are the best odds you'll get in a Casino. 9/10 you will win, but when you lose that 1 time, you will lose everything. Martingale requires incredible courage (or stupidity) by placing, for example, a $800 bet for a $10 profit (but also winning back everything you lost before). Try the system on any free BJ simulation and you'll make a small amout of money steadily. But beware of that 1/10 nasty loss which will wipe you out. So don't play for anything longer than a hour at a time. Short games over a long period WILL net you a small fortune. Play an hour every day and you could easily earn more than your monthly salary in just 8 hours. But play smart! That's your edge over the Casino.
Comment from : Russell Speak

6 guns
Comment from : 6 guns

Sir Rj Hill
Im going vagas! Ya!
Comment from : Sir Rj Hill

Mors Certa
That Equation on you t-shirt is only approximatly equal.
Comment from : Mors Certa

30 years ago I gambled a lot... I didn't use "needed" money; just pizza money. I ran Martingale on even against odd and failed to hit 11 times in a row; the roulette table stayed odd 11 times in a row! I was pretty much bankrupt except for 20 or so dollars, so I decided to hari kari myself on 00 with the dregs of my bankroll, and hit! LOL... I stopped upside down by a few hundred dollars (since I was playing with their money mostly) and haven't gambled since.
Comment from : GeoffVidz

Chuck Desylva
Yeah. And when they catch you Vinnie and his buddies are going to break your knee caps and leave you in a dumpster. No thanks!
Comment from : Chuck Desylva

Eugene S Smith
Win a small fortune at blackjack and YOU will be barred at THAT casino!
Comment from : Eugene S Smith

jim ewok
so if E > 0, then if i bet nothing, i am guaranteed to double my money … after infinite plays
… i like those odds!

Comment from : jim ewok

Plaz Flame
There are some casino guys coming for my legs.... don’t think this was the video to watch...
Comment from : Plaz Flame

Juke Joint
previous outcomes on a Roulette table means nothing on future outcomes yet all the gambling houses post them over the table. that green zero on the wheel really puts the favor for the house....
Comment from : Juke Joint

In America we have 0 and 00 in roulette
Comment from : Dexter

Marco Medina
God damn man...u r so boring makes me wanna quit gambling.
Comment from : Marco Medina

Nicholas S
I recently got to thinking about this whole thing about making money via Blackjack after winnign about $100 while not even knowing how to play (the dealer and friends helped me decide the best moves to make). I've since then researched it heavily in the past few days, and my conclusion is that the game is a waste of time, as are most other casino gambles. Better to get a real hustle going where nobody's going to have a problem with you making money, in my opinion. Still, I enjoyed this video. Thanks!
Comment from : Nicholas S

George Chouchlias
Where at kasino? And biometric methods xaxa
Comment from : George Chouchlias

Beat von Kanel
the dealer has one weak point. She has to keep playing no matter what. the player can use the ups and downs of winning and losing and decide when to leave and call it a day, preferably by being up lets say 50-100%
Comment from : Beat von Kanel

I was excited about the card counting right up to the end and you popped by bubble .  Dammit.
Comment from : GO440

A Twogun
MGM Grand disliked this video
Comment from : A Twogun

I have a friend who says when she goes to a casino, she watches the roulette wheel 20 times. If they don't change the guy who rolls the marble, she gets a good feeling for him and the wheel (no physical system is perfect), and I guess there's a way to block off numbers(?) which is what she does. She never gets greedy though, but she never leaves without being a couple hundred bucks up.

I, however, developed a system that allowed me to make extra money back in college, and there are three steps.
1. Become proficient in sleight of hand with cards
2. Turn magic tricks into betting games
3. Encourage the jerk Resident Assistant who tended to get drunk on weekends to make bets.
Just won pizza money but for a college student, that was something. :)

Comment from : TlalocW

Jim Parsons
Liked the presentation. There a further difficulty in the mix: legal gambling houses are usually there because the local government allows the gambling house to be there as some of the house's take is taken by the cited government as "taxes" (not a skim, sort of important). How might one describe the differences? So if there are not enough take by the house then perhaps other folks or entities will be experiencing a tax increase. Which would tend to make politicians unhappy as they want to continue to be politicians.
Comment from : Jim Parsons

Donald J Trump
Hans Gruber teaching us math
Comment from : Donald J Trump

Brian Ferrick
The 10 dollar coupon is worth about $4.86- right?
Comment from : Brian Ferrick

mike talas
Here's something to think about, I saved up to 25k just by walking away when I won whether it was Cards or Slot's! That's all there was to that!!! took me about 6 months but then I ran into a GORGEOUS GIRL Who's object was to latch on to a stooge who would give her money to gamble in exchange for her Be-witching company!!! But what the hell We both had fun. Sooooo...yeah.
Comment from : mike talas

bruce grit
Can you do this with a machine since human dealers are being replaced?
Comment from : bruce grit

Waiting until you make a video on the Lottery. Such as the Statistics professor who won multiple times.

Comment from : Lescouflair

Matthew Baumann
Have fun getting kicked out of the casino.
Comment from : Matthew Baumann

NissanProGamer YT
why would you bet on black if red came out 60 times? if you know that a number came out more times than another, than odds are it would come out less in the future. (also all of that is assuming the casino isn't ripping you off and giving increased chances to a certain color).
Comment from : NissanProGamer YT

Dave Johnson
Does card counting still work if the dealer stops at just 5 decks in 6 deck blackjack?
Comment from : Dave Johnson

Patric Lin
Dealer told me that progressive betting is only working for winning hands not for losing hands
Comment from : Patric Lin

Pyar Squared
You can't card count blackjack at a casino any more. For games where the cards are shown face up, the casino's got around that by using eight decks and only play around 40% of the cards (up to the yellow cut card) and then the cards are reshuffled. With single deck play, the cards are dealt to the players but not exposed so you can't see and count them. After only one round, the entire deck is reshuffled.
Comment from : Pyar Squared

mike christian
they didn't say how much that ten dollar coupon is worth.

I'm thinking about five dollars.

Comment from : mike christian

coupon for $4.99
Comment from : shaunmark1

doug marcus
this is what my dad told me to do on my first trip to the casino. 1 - determine how much you can lose. do not add a single $ to that. 2 - you are not there for a good time unless you intend to lose your money. casino's make their money on the 'safe' gambler that keeps betting the same small bet. you might be at the table for 2 hours, but the odds are that at the end of the two hours, you will have nothing. 3 - take your amount, divide it by 3, and then gamble just like he said. once you double your winnings, put the profit in your pocket and then revert back to the same gambling technique. once you crap out, you are done. you will have $0 in 2 or 3 hands, break even in 5 or 6, or a profit afterwards.
Comment from : doug marcus

Igor Gerlovin
The value of that $10 betting coupon is just under $5. On most near-even games (such as blackjack, or roulette), you will win $10 just under half of the time and will lose the coupon (which will cost you nothing) just over half of the time. Therefore, its value is just under $5.
Comment from : Igor Gerlovin

The zeroth theorem of gambling: "The house always wins"
Comment from : mobbr

Vlad Tepes
big fortune video has to make up on clicks.
Comment from : Vlad Tepes

Fitness IQ
I lost more on day trading
Comment from : Fitness IQ

Charlie Russell
Would you not bet back as it is essentially still a 50:50 as both black and red have a 47% chance of winning, so if the count is spilt 60/40 to red, then by 120 probability would expect the count to be 60/60? Hence you would bet black. Please comment if this makes sense
Comment from : Charlie Russell

The value of the $10 coupon depends on the smallest possible bet. THe smaller your bet can be, the higher the value of the coupon. If the smallest possible bet is small enough to bet on every number, it would be worth around 36/37th of $10, which is about $9.73.
Comment from : HansHerman1

Velasco Alverez
If it were that easy, everyone would be doing it. Trust me, the house will take your money. Dont be fooled.
Comment from : Velasco Alverez

Smarty The Pants
I know less now than before I watched the video.
Comment from : Smarty The Pants

Best way to make a small fortune is to start with a large one.
Comment from : SunriseLAW

Tomcat Clowdz TheCATcaVe!!!!
U r genius I'm looking to open my own business ventures I am kind of the inventor you might say but coming up with cash to back myself and the math to support my creations but I am networking on the web if interested in hearing any of them please respond
Comment from : Tomcat Clowdz TheCATcaVe!!!!

Paul Duncan
40 secs.... 0 to 37..... I see no " 37"?
Comment from : Paul Duncan

Automatic shufflers and 8 deck games that pay 6:5 on blackjack ruined card counting.
Comment from : Mordenkainen

Bruno Menezes
Fallout taught me I just need 7 LCK plus some +1 hat or shirt.
Comment from : Bruno Menezes

Benjamin Brady
I think that the value of the coupon must be $10 times the odds of you winning. If the probability of winning is always less than 0.5 then the maximum value of the coupon is $5 or less
Comment from : Benjamin Brady

How to get your face rearranged by a casino.
Comment from : Morpheus

monster x
so how many of you got your thumbs broke so far?
Comment from : monster x

Wayne Snow
Or play a major part in an unmarked burial somewhere in the desert.
Comment from : Wayne Snow

Olan Fletcher
European roulette wheels only one zero, American Roulette wheels have a zero and a double zero. changes all the percentages....
Comment from : Olan Fletcher

Harbour Geezer
I'm not much good at math and I have zero interest in gambling, but I watched the entire video! How fascinating!! (on another note, I met a girl once at a party who was a maths historian...I never even knew such an arcane field existed!
Comment from : Harbour Geezer

Jonathan Holmes
Your comments about doubling up in red got me thinking, so I wrote a quick and dirty python program to demonstrate that. import random
import time

pool = 100000
choice = [0,1]
bet = 1
max = 1
round = 0

while pool > 0:
selection = (random.choice(choice))

if selection == 0:
pool = pool + bet
round = round + 1

print('Round ' + str(round))
print ('WIN')
print ('Pool ' + str(pool))
print ('TheBet: ' + str(bet))
print ('Max Bet ' + str(max))
bet = 1

# time.sleep(1)
pool = pool - bet
round = round + 1
print('Round ' + str(round))
print ('Pool ' + str(pool))
print ('TheBet: ' + str(bet))
print ('Max Bet ' + str(max))
if pool < bet * 2:
bet = pool
bet = bet * 2

if bet > max:
max = bet
# time.sleep(1)

Comment from : Jonathan Holmes

Of course there is a guaranteed method of making a small fortune at the Casino which takes little skill and no expertise. Start with a large fortune and you will emerge over the long term with a small fortune.
But setting joking aside...Full Pay Video Poker games played optimally are a way of making a small fortune. That takes skill and effort and if you restrict yourself to the quarter games then your return is $7.50/hour...which requires a $10,000 bankroll to avoid ruin

Comment from : 24kGoldenRocket

In Nomine Domini
So is it possible to count cards these days?
Comment from : In Nomine Domini

Echo Chambers
When you think you have a system or method to win at these games you’ll find urself sleeping in a bus station at 3am wondering what went wrong.And Yeah,The MIT Students has a good run a few years ago but you will get blackballed now.Go into a Casino and bet 5 bucks until the shoe is Hot and start betting 400 or more.After a few times the pit boss will flat bet you.Or kick you out.
Comment from : Echo Chambers

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